Online e-Commerce Business On Manifold Rise Post Covid

Updated: May 6, 2020

Today our planet has become village in all respect due to the fast communication, exchange of knowledge and information physical movement and human desire to acquire more and more .........

which is unending limit of human needs and wants which going to be limitless.Though nCovid19 was the first incidence in last century which entire world has experienced . whether small or big nations , rich or poor human beings. Everything has come to standstill .......

Now , one has to give thought during this lockdown period on how shall be era is going to come post covid ? No body knows or any one can predict that, this big lesson for humanity are going to restrict our precovid lifestyle .The answer is no.... Because the world has not come to an end , only thing is it shall change its mode, style , way whatever you call it.

Business having luxury is not going to remain as earlier , People shall think more basic needs for survivals, no unwanted expenses remains unaffordable due loss of jobs , less of food due to climate change , poor immune system of human beings ,etc etc

The businesses are going happen through online mode , every thing shall be online , no physical movements of humans , which save fuels, reduce pollution of noise, air, water,soil.

There shall be physical distancing in human in movements as well as relations also.

Businesses have evolve their own degital presence for their customers and keep them engage ,Consultancy , freelancers shall be in good demand to train the process of change.

One has to accept the change , because , "ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE" Those who donot chage they shall be out of business , Hence think today only.

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